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celluloid-based 'antique' cinematography in the digital age
Endwell Productions’ operation as an independent film production company is centred in the dying albeit very-much-alive-still art of ‘antique’ celluloid-based, analogue film & photography, and their hybrid use incorporating the endless possibilities enabled by the digital revolution at the turn of last century.

Our studio is at The Old Chemist in St Leonards-on-Sea, where we continue to explore the alchemy and physicality of image-making.
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Apart from the multidisciplinary projects using creativity, art and film that we develop (click here for an overview), we at Endwell Productions have started to offer a ‘facilitation service’ encompassing the whole range of analogue technologies we explore.

Whether you are an experienced filmmaker who requires some copyright-free archive footage; or you would like to commission content produced in 8mm (super 8 or standard 8) to be incorporated in your film; or even if you’d like to have a go yourself shooting in celluloid affordably, we can provide all the necessary equipment, know how and support for you, such as:

  • Super 8 / Standard 8mm equipment sale and hire
  • Cine cameras (pro and ‘rescued’), projectors
  • Variety of cine film stock available on sale (colour and black & white reversal; negative; experimental)
  • Film processing facilitation and in-house digitising services
  • Support & advice / research / workshops
  • Cine salvage: archival & ‘archaeological’
  • 8mm and 16mm archive of classics & home movies
  • 8mm cine expertise ‘hub’
  • The Impossible Project (Polaroid instant films)
  • and other analogue wonders (OHPs, old legacy card readers, multi-platform conversions, slide projectors, 16mm film digitizing, VHS, Hi8, Betamax, black and white darkroom…)
  • and more… 

For these services, we are currently operating mainly online with a small presence ‘in the high street’ (at our studio The Old Chemist in St Leonards, which you can view by appointment), so the best way to contact us is via this website, Facebook or email.

And also you can find some our wares on ebay:

If you’ve got the celluloid bug, we’d love to hear from you! Do get in touch!