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Endwell Productions has particular interest in the hybrid potential of using ‘antique’ film-based technologies in the digital age . . . short films, art installations, “cine-archaeology” and salvage, film festival, workshops, darkroom, all things film-based, really.
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St Leonards International Film Festival
SLIFF celebrates and promotes local filmmaking talent, bringing the excellence of the international celluloid-based film making community to St Leonards and beyond.

The St Leonards International Film Festival (SLIFF) is about 'real' filmaking of past, present and future in an age of -facile- digital hegemony.

"Like Cannes, but better!"

For more information, visit SLIFF’s facebook page:
The St Leonards Film Society
Darren Morris Music
Gensing Farm
Straight 8
The Bohemia Club Film Collective
Toaster Productions
St Leonards Accessories
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West Rise Junior & Endwell Productions
Since 2012, Endwell Productions has been working in partnership with West Rise Junior school, in Eastbourne in a number of different creative educational projects. This partnership started with the proposal of working with primary school children to develop a short film using super 8 technology to take part in the Straight 8 film festival competition. It was a great success and the short film produced by the children was selected by the Straight 8 organisers and had its world wide premiere at the ICA in London in the summer of the same year.

This project then led to a commission to help set up the school's very own darkroom, and establishing an on-going series of analogue black and white photography and experimental darkroom techniques workshops, as well as setting up West Rise Cine Club and West Rise Filmmakers Tribe.
Speak & Spell in St Leonards
Director's Cut
This is the Directors' Cut version of the celebrated super 8 film "Speak & Spell in St Leonards" premiered in June 2012 at the Cannes Lions screening of Straight 8. This version was ever-so-slightly edited to get around some interesting sound-synching issues and a more comprehensive credits/special thanks section...

The film is a technicolour and slightly psychedelic exposé of the many adventures and interactions of a Speak & Spell machine (a 1980's Texas Instruments 'learn to spell device) in presenting the sunny St leonards-on-Sea, in the south coast of England, its businesses and its colourful residents to the world. It was shot in the style of the old adverts that would play in the cinemas before the feature film.
Original Straight 8 Version
This is the original version of the celebrated super 8 film "Speak & Spell in St Leonards" as premiered in June 2012 at the Cannes Lions screening of Straight 8.

The film was shot using Kodak Vision3 200T, and as all straight 8 entries: one cartridge, in-camera editing, no post production.
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Straight 8 Film Festival 2012
Straight 8 is an international film festival launched in 2002 totally dedicated to super-8 and the limitations (and beauty!!) of making a complete short film with the ‘simplest’ of missions: one cartridge of super 8, no second takes, and no post production; only in-camera editing is allowed and the soundtrack is submitted separately with no guarantee that it would match (or synch) with the footage… The first time filmmakers see their film is at one of their worldwide premieres, like at the infamous Cannes film festival screening, the ICA London, and other high profile venues . . .

Legend has it that Endwell Productions broke the Straight 8 record for entries by a single competitor by submitting 5 films for the selection process.
Matt & Brian
This film was shot less as a commission and more as a wedding present to the Grooms. It was shot in super 8 in the summer of 2008 and subsequently Matt (aka Shimuzu) edited, and composed and mixed the soundtrack.
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Restoration Project, St Pauls Deptford
Working as Artist in Residence during the 2003-2004 English Heritage funded restoration project of St. Paul’s Church, Mauricio Vincenzi developed a multimedia site-specific documentation programme Deptford (London), an 18th century ‘Grade I’ listed ‘Queen Ann’ Baroque building. After helping to secure the £4 million restoration grant through art based initiatives, including a series of photography and moving image installation workshops, fundraiser, and exhibitions (“St. Paul’s Deptford Art Draw” exhibition and auction and the solo show “expacio @ The Crypt”: these educational arts-related activities were delivered to the local community showing the progress of the restoration whilst the work was carried out and the building remained closed to the public. 
St Paul's Church London
English Heritage
The Antique Dealer
The Antique Dealer is a dark and eerie London tale about a quest for a unique antique chair, “The Mother Superior”.

It was shot in artist/filmmmaker Mauricio Vincenzi's first ever cine-camera (an old Russian standard 8mm/double 8mm tank) and it had been originally shot during his Chelsea College of Art MA. The film and camera were initially considered 'a dud' until in 2004 he decided to submit a piece to Brighton’s Cinemathéque's Super-8 Film Festival and discovered the remarkable quality of the images hidden in the darkness of the original cine reel.

The rest is history: one of the first of a long history of Mauricio's 'cine-archeological' pursuits, one of the first Miller Vincenzi (with artist/designer Marie-Louise Miller) collaborations and perhaps the very first Endwell Productions film piece.
Marie-Louise Miller
Brighton Cinematheque
"Untitled" - Expacio @ Bolivar Hall, 2001
Untitled is the rough cuts of an unknown 35mm German war movie, a treasure found of a lost-and-perhaps-never-completed film, which was literally unearthed from the garden of a derelict council house/squat in Brixton, and restored to its rotten beauty.

It was the first of a long history of 'cine-archeological' pursuits by artist/filmmmaker Mauricio Vincenzi (Endwell Productions), and was shown in 2001 at The Bolivar Hall in London, as part of the 'expacio' collaboration with Venezuelan artist Cipriano Martinez, which started during Chelsea College of Arts MA programme.

Since its restoration was expertly carried out by Soho Images in 2001 (as part of a commission by the Venezuelan Embassy) it has never been shown again... time is nigh for a release in a cinema near you?!
Cipriano Martinez
Bolivar Hall, London
The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela