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The Old Chemist
4a Silchester Road
St Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex TN38 0JB
tel: +44 (0)1424 200 535
mob: +44 (0)7940 524 142
O Consultório
Avenida Amaral Peixoto,
nº116 - ap. 1001
mob: +55 21 96933 5571
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Endwell Productions is a not-for-profit international creative consultancy and independent film production company, which specialises in developing multidisciplinary projects using creativity, art and film as powerful tools of communication.

Based in St Leonards-on-Sea (East Sussex, UK) and established in 2004 by Mauricio Vincenzi, we have been successfully exploring this methodology through projects developed in partnerships with schools, charities, arts organisations, international private companies, and the NHS; and made possible several collaborations with artists and creatives across the board. 

Film-based technology is at the core of practically everything that we do and we are always open to expand horizons and explore a hybrid approach between the old (celluloid-based media) and the new (digital media and platforms).

For samples of the work we’ve done, click on the links above, visit our vimeo channel ( or scroll down to see some recent updates.

If you would like more information about us, please contact Mauricio, follow us on Facebook, or visit our Shop.
Latest Updates

“another day in the office” at West Rise Junior, Eastbourne today…. I was expecting these (i.e. working in their fully kitted amazing analogue photography darkroom), and instead, a whole altogether different ‘raft’ of fun & games to be had…

on the long history of Endwell Productions’s cine-archeological pursuits (hot off the press!), we’re working on revisiting the unearthed (literally) 35mm treasure of the lost-and-perhaps-never-completed WWII film, shown at Bolivar Hall in London, as part of the long ‘expacio’ collaboration with Venezuelan artist supremo Cipriano Martinez. Since its restoration was expertly carried out by Soho Images in 2001 (as part of a commission by the Venezuelan Embassy) it has never been shown again… an exclusive is being planned for Coastal Currents 2014… watch this space!

A “straight 8 style” digital extract of the intensity of the event |CEREBELLUM| held at The Macbeth, London in early May 2014.
The first of an ongoing series of multifaceted art/performance/noise near-all-nighters, curated and activated by the likewise Charlotte Chw, this one not-surprisingly counted too with the ear-bending, glass screaming performance of Jason Williams, aka The Tallest Talent in Town. Filmed by Mauricio Vincenzi of Endwell Productions, it is not celluloid, but this is where we draw the line: the hidden surprises of digital…

Doing a bit of archaeological digging, found this from the master Rod Harman in his eternal quest for enlightenment. 

and his film portrait, a collaboration with the most missed Sid Beynon:

Endwell Productions finds its way to Tumblr

Endwell Productions is an international creative consultancy based in St Leonards-on-Sea, England, which specialises in community relevant educational projects exploring creativity, art and film as powerful levers towards personal, cultural and institutional development. 

Endwell Productions’ main objective is to support the organisations it enters in partnership with throughout the conception, development, delivery and evaluation cycles of the projects being pursued.

Established in 2005, it has developed projects in partnerships with schools, charities, arts organisations, international private companies and the NHS. 

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